LPT-IT is proud to present viasPAS, the newest software program in the VIAS public information system.

viasPAS is a fully automatic Announcement System designed for confined public areas dividable into zones. ViasPAS is design to handle TTS (text-to-speech) options as well as announcement based upon pre-recorded phrases. The system can be optional manual operated i.e. announcement for missing passenger.

viasPAS (Passenger Announcement System) is compatible to any Flight Information Display System (FIDS) currently used in airports or PIS at railway stations. The key elements in the development of the viasPAS has been usability, stability, cost efficiency and clear communication.

viasPAS ensures a clear and correct pronunciation in languages chosen by you to secure your visitors an easy and stress less navigation of the airport or railway station.

By using viasPAS you can enhance your ground service performance by offering airlines both LCC and FSC multiple language announcements.

viasPAS uses an Oracle database, a setup webpage for configuration and a web service for the interface to your FIDS-system. The system has a communication process to gather data from the FIDS-system,a core process that controls time based messages and event based messages. The viasPAS also offers an informational webpage for operator for confirmation of delivered messages.

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