The system

vias has two parts. One part manages the visual display and audio units, while the other manages the “operating logic”.

The two parts can run on separate computers as they only share timetables in a database or timetables that can be replicated by the “Operating logic” computer for the display part.

Display part

The display is divided into the server-based processes DisplayServer, DisplayDriver and AlarmServer, and the PC-based applications DisplayAdministrator, LayoutEditor, AlarmClient and InformationSystem.

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Operating logic

Behind vias is a software solution that enables the public information system to get up-to-date timetables, compare the current timetables with the actual positions of trains, and calculate delays and how they affect the trains operating.

The system can automatically make loudspeaker announcements about arrivals of delayed trains, their departure times and any platform changes.

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Operating Logic


It is solely a matter of the hardware capacity and performance that determine how many trains that can be dealt with daily.

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