vias: the public information system

vias, which can be used at railway stations and airports, offers a flexible and user-friendly system to provide traffic information to passengers and can be run on both Linux and
Windows platform.

vias can manage a large number of external units with both text and speech.

vias can be (re)configured online, so changes can be implemented without interruptions.

vias reacts extremely quick to external incidents. The time taken by the system from registering an incident to implementing all the necessary actions is typically one to two seconds.
For instance, when a train leaves the station, the departure must be removed from the platform unit, all monitors must be updated, and all units at stations along the line must be updated with new arrival times.

vias is scalable and is easily adjusted at any time to the amount of data and the number of traffic nodes etc.

vias has no hard-coded relations – station names, station short names and platform numbers aren’t found in the source code.

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