viasIGS is the controller software for operating monitors. It is written in Java and uses an XML protocol, and it can be run on Linux and Windows platforms.

In viasIGS, the layout is described in an XML text file. This description contains all the static elements of the layout and definitions of the dynamic fields. The dynamic fields are described with their display parameters such as font, size, and background and foreground colours; the way the field is addressed in the dynamic data is also described.

The layout definitions themselves are placed on a web server. When viasIGS starts, it connects to a predefined information server. This tells viasIGS which layout to use. viasIGS then retrieves the layout from the web server, and the information server sends the dynamic data. viasIGS interprets the layout and draws it and the dynamic data on the monitor’s screen.

Later when the information server has new data for this unit and this layout, it will send the data directly to viasIGS.


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