Is a FIDS solution for small and medium sized airports. It is available as an installed and as a cloud solution and it is multi airport solution.

If you combine viasFIDS with a standard economy system, it is possible to operate a whole airport without investing in a separate AODB system. If you already got an AODB, system the viasFIDS system easily integrates to that.

The viasFIDS package contains many use full features like a flight generator, a stand allocation package, gate assignment, check-in handling, baggage handling features etc. All these features are configurable during installation through administration programs.

The package has the possibility to handle automatic flight status messages from SITA or other suppliers. In this way, the airport may be operated automatically without operator interventions.

The airport may at any time, be operated manually through the FlightTraffic program.

The system is fast. The response time from a message is received until the related monitors are update is below 2 seconds and most often below 1 second.

FlightTraffic frontend FlightTraffic frontend

The system is scalable an manage easily 1000 display units. Display units may dynamically and online be added, modified or removed, and it may be done by the technical administration people from the airport.

Multi Airport

viasFIDS can handle many airports from the same central placed server. This gives the possibility to save operator and administration personal and save maintenance cost by only having one server to operate. Remote airports only require a 2MB tcp/ip connection.

From one central operator position, it is possible to see the contents of any monitor at any connected airport. Errors detected on monitors in the whole network are immediately presented for the operator.

It is only necessary with one node for receiving type-b messages for all airports handled by the central server. The different messages, received at the node, are automatically applied to the airports for which they are relevant.

All rules uses dynamically adjustable parameters. They are defined per airport. Rules that defines what to be shown when and where are free programmable by the administrator.

Resource allocation

The allocation of resources like Stand, Gate and Belt may be done automatically in advance either on a weekly base from a predefined schedule. Changes may be applied any time for the next two days. By defining a stand for a flight, the gate number is automatic assign as well.

Check-in allocation

Check-in allocation

In the check-in application the information is planned independently from the individual flights, but they may be linked, in order for let flight information be shown at the check-in counters.

Check-in is planned after the calendar principle, in a way that a given check-in allocation take a given part of the day on the days specified in the calendar.

The program works with planned and actual assignments. The planned assignments are automatically moved to the actual assignments allowing for manual editing afterwards, if there is a change on the current day.

Check-in allocation

Display Engine

The engine is based on the Chrome browser. Therefore, the graphic possibilities are virtually endless. The flight information pages can easily be combined with advertisement pages. The pages may be created by the customer he only needs a webpage programmer and or a web designer.

The engine comes with a set of JavaScript library that controls the communication with the server. All HTNL code written by LPT are written so it is independently from the resolution of the monitor as long as the aspect ratio is kept.

Display Engine

Baggage handling

This application is used by the baggage-handling people to enter the band number, mark "first bag on belt" and mark "last bag on belt" on a touch screen monitor.

Baggage handling

Display Message

In viasFIDS the operator has the possibility to enter non flight related messages. He can chose among predefined messages or he can write a free text message. The message may be distributed according to a schedule or send out immediately.

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